Moldovan Women for Marriage: Main Characteristics, Dating Tips

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Moldovan women for marriage have a very special charm; at the same time, they show great adaptability, have a heart of gold, and are willing to start a family. Many Moldovan mail order brides grow up in poor families and want better conditions for their future families. This is one of the reasons why Moldovan mail order brides are interested in foreign men. If you want to know more about Moldovan brides, you are just in the right place: in this article, we will focus on their main features and tell you how to date them. Let’s start!

Moldovan Girls For Marriage: Main Characteristics

Are women looking for husband numerous in Moldova? Yes, there are plenty of local ladies looking for love. But to understand whether Moldovan single ladies will be a good match for you, you should know what they are like. Here are the main characteristics of Moldovan women for marriage.


Moldovan brides for marriage are very popular with men because almost all of them are incredibly beautiful. Moldovan wifes impress foreigners with their beauty, attractiveness, and charisma. An average local lady gets used to high heels, lipstick, nail polish, smokey eyes, and feminine clothing during school.

They love to dress sexy, for Moldovan, wearing short skirts and showing their body (but they never look vulgar). A Moldawin, who leaves the house without makeup or wearing inappropriate clothing, is rarely seen. Most women in the country pay great attention to beauty and body care. The majority of Moldovan girls have dark brown hair and dark eyes.


Moldovan women looking for American men are not only beautiful, sexy and well-groomed, but also family-oriented. Most ladies long to have children. Therefore, Moldovan wifes get pregnant very early. They are also very hardworking, adaptable, cheerful, loving, tender and passionate.

They radiate energy and optimism, which attracts people around them. All these are, of course, good conditions for finding a lady. Once the lady has a family, the children’s harmony and upbringing are essential to her. Moldovan girls for marriage are usually good mothers, can cook well, and create a cozy atmosphere at home. They love to celebrate life, are open-minded, sociable, and like to meet other people. Moreover, Moldovan mail order brides are highly adaptable, so your loved one will easily move to your country if needed.

Moldovan Women for Marriage


In Moldova, people do not simply get married; the wedding is considered one of life’s most important events. It is recommended to get married in a church.

The ceremony is very special. The event itself constantly revolves around the bridal couple; for instance, no wedding can do without the extensive three-time exchange of the rings and the crowns, which are held above the heads of the bridal couple by special “crown wearers” during the wedding ceremony. Marriage is sacred for every Moldovan woman. So, if your intentions are not serious, you’d better not play with a local lady.

Moldovan Women Seeking American Men: What Do They Expect From Partners?

Moldovan brides require old-school men: those who compliment, give flowers, pay the bill, open the door; that’s what the ladies of the country want. Reliability, self-confidence, assertiveness, and empathy are other qualities that are highly appreciated.

If the partner brings all this, a loving and loyal woman awaits him, who stands behind the partner even in difficult times. Even in disputes, she is willing to compromise and is generally a good wife. It is important to them that the man does not lose his nerve in an emotionally charged situation but reacts calmly and confidently. The man should also be family-oriented, as a Moldovan lady not only wants to marry as early as possible but also have children.

How Do You Win the Heart of a Beautiful Moldovan Woman?

If you want to find Moldovan girls and win their hearts, here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Be authentic and honest right from the start.
  2. Show interest in her personality and character, not just her sexy body.
  3. Prove that you can guarantee family stability.
  4. Respect cultural and social norms.
  5. Make creative compliments and provide surprises.
  6. Work on learning as much as possible from each other to build a strong bond.
  7. Make romantic gifts and surprises.

Love cannot have a strategy that suits everyone. Still, when it comes to international relations, it is always a good idea to learn about the culture and traditions of your partners in order to avoid misunderstandings and not insult someone.

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Marriage in Moldova: Pros and Cons

Indeed, marrying a Moldovan bride has both benefits and drawbacks. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of marrying a single Moldovan woman.

Pros Cons
They have slim, beautiful figures. A Moldovan wife may seem cold at first.
They are intelligent. Some women can’t speak English.
You will be surprised by the traditional approach to relationships: the lady will not try to be a leader in a family. You will have to adapt to a new culture and traditions, which may be pretty difficult.

Moldovan Wife: Cost

What about money? How much does one have to pay if willing to marry a Moldovan woman? Let’s take a look at both real-life and virtual dating.

Real-Life Dating

  • Tickets. Getting to Moldova costs the same as getting to most Eastern European countries – $400 is the starting price.
  • Hotel or apartment. You can find decent hotel rooms for about $20-40 per night.
  • Food. Food is very affordable and delicious in Moldova. You can have great meals for just $20 per day per person.
  • Transportation. Renting a car is preferable and would cost you around $25 per day.
  • Entertainment. There is not much to see in Moldova, so your entertainment budget won’t be that huge. $400 would be enough for two weeks.

Online Dating

  • Credit-based sites. Here, you just buy packages with credits, spend them on various tools, and enjoy your time. On average, you can expect to spend up to $100 per month.
  • Membership-based sites. You just make a single purchase and date girls on such sites as long as you are a premium member.

How Do You Find a Woman From Moldova?

Without question, Moldovan brides are very pretty. But so that you not only dream of these ladies but also get one, you must invest a lot of work in finding a partner. Many other men are looking for a Moldovan woman. You should never think that you are the only person who wants a Moldovan bride.

Since Moldova is an interesting destination, you can try your fortune and travel to the country. You will certainly not get out of amazement there. The abundance of pretty ladies in this area is enormous. With a bit of luck, you can also invite a Moldovan woman to date on your first vacation.

But it is better if you come to Moldova with a plan or at least have a rough idea of where you meet most women (we will tell you more about it at the end of the article).

If you are not yet ready to travel, there are many dating platforms that can help you find a partner from Moldova.

It is ideal if you try such a service before traveling to Moldova. This way, you can make initial contacts before traveling to this country. With the help of a dating platform, you can take your time and check the various offers. You should keep your distance from offers where you have to buy credits for every single message. Better are memberships where you pay a fixed amount monthly or for three or six months. If you still feel the desire to travel, let’s take a look at several places where you can meet local ladies easily.

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Top Places To Meet Moldovan Woman To Marry

Moldova is known as one of the poorest countries in Europe. However, its capital Chisinau offers lively nightlife. In recent years, this Moldovan city has grown into sizzling nightlife after opening many discos, pubs, and other places dedicated to nightlife. Here are several local clubs that are frequently visited by ladies.

Flamingo Night Club (Strada Tăbăcăria Veche, Chisinau)

Open only during the summer season, it is one of the most popular nightclubs in Chisinau.

Decadance Club (Albisoara St 40/1, Chisinau)

Located below the Roma restaurant, Decadance is a club in Chisinau that hosts the best DJs in Moldova.

Bandabar (Mihai Eminescu Street 55, Chisinau)

This creative club hosts the best international DJs and minimalist electronic music and organizes various events such as dance performances, films, and other types of performances.

Folk Festival

There are plenty of folk festivals in this area. People here love to celebrate life. Beautiful Moldovan women like wearing something pretty and visiting folk festivals very often.


Moldovan brides pay great attention to their figures. They spend a lot of time in gyms. In gyms, you can get acquainted with active women.

Cafes and Restaurants

Moldovan brides like to spend time with their friends or relatives. That’s why they meet in cafes or restaurants. If you are a sociable person, it will work.


A Moldovan wife is tender, feminine, and friendly. They appreciate traditional values but go along with the times. They have the perfect qualities for a dreamlike wife. So, go to the country or use one of the modern dating platforms, and you will find your dream partner.

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