Mail Order Marriage Statistics: What Is It All About?

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Why should the mail order marriage statistics bother you? If you have not had a chance to evaluate all the advantages of love outside boundaries, there is still time.

However, it would be helpful to figure the terminology out first. Why do people say “mail order?” After all, a bride is not a parcel or dish in a restaurant to order her. It just means the quest for a foreign spouse via third parties like online and offline matchmakers.

Is mail order bride success not a fake? As many studies have shown, relationships between people with different skin colors, cultural roots, historical backgrounds, etc., are less vulnerable to divorces.

  • Nearly 80% of cross-border couples date more than a year.
  • More than 40% of couples have lived together for more than four years.
  • 35,000 women tied the knots successfully with Americans in 2019.
  • Over 100,000 female singles are available from online interaction every year.

Then, how many mail order marriages end in divorce? Numbers far cry from each other across the world, but the average rate is 15% compared to 35% of the global average.

mail order marriage statistics

Foundations for Mail Order Bride Success

Before making the final decision, it would be great to answer questions like, “Do mail order marriages work?” Well, cross-border connections are actually workable in certain circumstances. Two components are crucial in this equation to solve for X, i.e., ensure success.

  • A reliable dating platform

Everyone has a chance to increase the mail order bride statistics when choosing the right online mediator. A quality website or mobile app is crucial if you want to meet a real lady for meaningful communication. Is it really so important? Yes, considering possible unpleasant aftermath. Those dealing with underground matchmakers risk ruining their wallets and reputation, not to mention moral damage. In addition, careless love seekers can be involved in criminal activities like extortion, blackmailing, or even human trafficking.

Why risk if dozens of affordable and reliable services are right in front of you?

  • Taking the point seriously

Mail order bride success rate is not about whims and hookups. The stats are valid for deep connections and true love. They are about those willing to make every effort to navigate this life and everything that it throws at them together. Cross-national marriages are not agreements or contracts that stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties. They are about real-life dialogs and a strong intention to be together for the sake of love.

Curious Details About Mail Order Spouses Scene

Online dating facts and statistics show that beautiful ladies from exotic countries are booming:

  • No wonder that Filipo girls rock the scene. They constitute approximately 10% of the world’s marriages.
  • Thousands of Belarus, Ukrainian, and Russian girls from 21 to 28 years old find their happiness overseas.
  • Hundreds of marital agencies work in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Scandinavian cuties are off the chart (still, the lowest marriage outcomes).

Speaking of males, Americans and the British are among the most desired grooms. Canadians and Western Europeans come next. The following mail order bride info proves the popularity of online love and may come in handy:

  • The most famous and trendy apps feature over 2.5 million visits every month.
  • The mail-order wife industry is constantly increasing.
  • Over 65% of females are between their 20s and 30s.
  • 49% of the male population believe that they can find a partner online.

These incredible numbers would be less impressive if virtual dating didn’t generate results. So, consider facts and go full ahead to catch your personal chance. You won’t regret taking this step to spice up your private life.

Do You Really Have Good Chances to Mail Order a Wife?

Online acquaintances are widely spread across the world, but they still create a degree of mistrust in hundreds of guys. Although the mail order bride divorce rate looks engaging, it would be cool to get more information to rest assured.

Well, technically, every decent online dating app with legit status and a good bunch of tools can provide you with access to plenty of exotic beauties. However, the site cannot build conversations with your potential wife instead of you. Hence, you should be active and enthusiastic about overcoming some hardships caused by mental differences.

Western men should understand that many women they meet online are from economically disadvantaged regions. Of course, these females may have insecurities or, on the contrary, seek sham marriages to live in more favorable conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to be perspicacious and insightful to ensure a real connection between you.

mail order bride success


How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

They are very successful, bringing happiness and harmony. Spouses from different countries can travel a lot, learn each other’s languages, expand their education, views, and values. They become happily open-minded by getting rid of prejudices, stereotypes, and fetishizing particular nations. Still, romantic and marital success is measured by both partners’ behavior, lifestyles, feelings towards each other, mutual care, and encouragement.

Do People Actually Get Mail Order Brides?

Many daters worldwide find romantic connections and manage to keep their partners nearby, loving and caring about them. Once you join a trusted dating platform, you’ll see multi-million communities and numerous love stories posted by their members. However, low-down sites with poor features cannot provide you with the tools necessary for successful connections. So, you will definitely attain the desired result if you stick to the reliable guide.

Are Mail Order Spouses Legit?

Mail order bride facts, stats, and law prove the legitimacy of online search for foreign connections and marriages. If you act according to the law, no problem should appear. International relationships are allowed worldwide with some legal differences. For example, you should consider such nuances as a legit age for marriages, papers to provide at the consulate, and wedding traditions.

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