Are Mail Order Brides Illegal? All You Need to Know

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While seeking happiness overseas, people began to wonder, “Are mail order spouse illegal?” Interestingly, nobody cared about this question at the dawn of mail-order dating. So, what’s changed?

In the infant days of the Internet, online platforms existed only as experimental projects for communication and local hookups. The entire market belonged to offline marriage agencies and matchmakers. Once massive players appeared on the Web, both men and women realized the absence of borders and limits. Singles were happy to feel free, meeting beautiful women and handsome men independently, without human mediators.

However, few rules lead to less control. As rapidly as online dating apps grew, scamming sites and individuals started running their human-trafficking “businesses” under the guise of mail order wives. That’s why many men are overly concerned about mail order bride legality and ethics.

Fortunately, everything goes within the law if a man uses a legit website or online agency to find a wife to build a strong and happy family. The intention to get a spouse from overseas might be recognized as a fraud if it deals with a sham marriage with a view to immigrate. In other cases, foreign mail order brides are 100% legal.

are mail order spouse illegal

How to Ensure Mail Order Bride Legality?

Since everything is clear with such regions as the USA, Canada, or Europe, many Asian, African, and Arabic countries give rise to some questions. Are mail order brides illegal there? Well, definitely not at the official level. The only thing is, western men have to collect more papers and handle more remains when they want to date and marry ladies from, for example, South Africa or Syria.

So, where to get a mail order bride? In this situation, it’s better to apply to online resources to avoid dangers and legal problems. How to get started?

  • Find the right resource that targets your audience, meaning your desired partner’s country, ethnic origin, and nationality.
  • If you have specific tastes, pay attention to search filters that help you choose a lady with preferred physical attributes.
  • Check the app’s legitimacy, license, and reputation. Find the information about the managing company and read real-life testimonials.
  • Look through expert reviews to consider recommendations and learn about details.
  • Check success rates and other stats on third-party resources.
  • Try a free version to ensure the site’s workability.

If everything is okay, you can pass on communication with your potential mail order spouse. Here, you should be attentive when assessing the quality of messages. Meaningless tests with overused phrases, poor grammar, and bad wording may reveal bots.

How to Communicate With Mail Order Wives

Getting a mail order bride is not the whole story. Apart from attracting a lady, it’s critical to understand your compatibility and raise her to keep her interested and to be interested. How to succeed?

  • Be respectful

Women from countries with strong gender roles crave equality. Honestly, this is often the main reason for their wish to marry western men. Hence, it’s crucial to show your respect to her personality. The same applies to a confident and independent girl from, for example, Norway or Iceland. In this case, you should recognize her equality.

  • Be open

Although brides seek love abroad, they don’t want to forget their culture. That’s why you both should share your backgrounds and put some traditions into practice when you date or even live together in the real world.

  • Be tolerant

Life might be challenging in strange lands. As a rule, a girl needs time to adapt, learn the language, improve education, and fit into the community. Your parents, friends, and colleagues are strangers to her, and the communication with your inner circle may be stressful.

  • Be sincere

Don’t play games if you really want to build healthy relationships. It’s critical to be honest from your first online contact to save time for each other, avoid misunderstanding, and never mislead a girl.

In this case, you have good chances to find real love and enjoy daily social interactions. Again, communication is the key since many cultural differences might become a stumbling block if you keep silent.

And last but not least is that you should consider a woman’s mentality to prevent misconceptions. For example, Vietnamese brides are very polite (a little too much, frankly speaking). That’s why they always smile and say “Yes” even if they don’t like the thing. On the other hand, Hungarian girls are not in the habit of smiling at everyone. However, it doesn’t mean they are gloomy or have bad manners.

Is it Real to Order and Beautiful Bride from Overseas?

Are mail order brides a real thing, or is it one long con? First, let’s say that everything is real and enjoyable. Then, let’s note that foreign wives might be a con in specific cases like using illegal sites or organizations as mediators. However, those sticking to trustworthy resources have high chances to meet decent partners and make their dreams come true.

Their working principles are very efficient when seeking specific partners according to your needs. High-quality virtual services offer infinite possibilities for delivering exciting and entertaining experiences resulting in the desired outcome. Online agencies and portals come with workable dating tools that are a clean hook in dating:

  • Private and groups chats. The latter is especially useful working as small forums. They allow getting unbiased information about dating etiquette, cultural scene, and other nuances crucial to understanding your partners.
  • Video sessions. The webcam interaction makes you closer to real-life communication. It allows seeing emotions, gestures, expressions in your woman’s eyes, etc. In addition, this is a great opportunity to verify your partner. Does she look like a profile photo? Is she real?
  • Virtual gifts, stickers, smiles, and other symbolic presents. They help spice up the interaction, show what you think at this moment. Some ideas, thoughts, and feelings are not easy to say, or nothing comes to mind. Amusing, funny, and romantic emojis help a lot.
  • Quality profile cards. They are of great value when allowing understanding a person’s nature, goals, and life plans. Profiles are the key to relevant matches and sooner results. That’s why it is important to consider how much information a girl discloses, how she presents herself in video records, photos, and self-descriptions.

Of course, if you have an opportunity to travel abroad or live overseas because of business affairs, you’ll have enough time and opportunities to take a closer look at local women. Are they worthy? You decide.

Leaving aside the literal meaning of reality, a “real” mail-order wife is a woman who is capable of true emotions, genuine passion, warmth, and other stuff that make relationships actually work.

Mail Order Bride Legality

Are Foreign Mail Order Brides Worth Your Time?

Cross-border inter-cultural marriages have their challenges. For example, your family may dislike your choice, or the girl feels a bit isolated and depressed. At the same time, they may become the best thing that ever happened to you since tons of pluses outweigh minor drawbacks.

Now, where to begin? Oh, you can settle in two countries! Are your brides from Costa Rica? Then, you get an incredible prospect of staying nestled on exotic beaches. Moreover, you can study or even find a job and open new career horizons in another part of the world.

What about entertainment? Be ready for the party! You and your partner can celebrate life almost every day, enjoying two New Year Eves, your native holidays, and newly appeared traditions in your house. Moreover, you’ll never be bored with meals. Your new spouse will definitely surprise you with exotic food and dishes scented with new tastes and flavors.

Do you want kids? Excellent! Mixed children look really beautiful. Besides, they are often smarter, healthier, and more flexible that help them easily adapt to various conditions. In addition, they will have to homelands and speak two languages. They will have more choices of places to study, live, and work.

Generally, people into international romances usually become more educated, open-minded, and relaxed. Isn’t that lovely?


How Common Are Mail Order Wives?

This trend’s popularity varies depending on the region. Still, the gender factor and localities also affect the number of online daters. For example, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada rock the dating scene. At the same time, Eastern Europe, the Philippines, China, and Thailand are leaders in generating oversea brides. However, mail-order love is the rapidly unfolding global trend that gradually captures all countries. Such external factors as pandemics, wars, and economic crises are substantial contributors.

How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

Numerous studies conducted by organizations working in immigration and family counseling services show that cross-border relationships are very successful in the majority of cases. The divorce rate is lower, and married life is longer. At the same time, these couples’ family life often features a better quality that is another fine illustration of such relationships’ efficiency.

Are Mail Order Spouses Illegal in the UK and USA?

“Are mail order spouse legal?” you may ask. The answer is, “Yes.” In the USA, UK, and hundreds of other countries, any citizen has the right to seek a spouse abroad. Of course, people use online resources to attain the desired because it’s physically impossible to dedicate months to travel around the world in the quest for happiness. So, no law says you can’t find a bride in another country.

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