Mail Order Brides Pricing: How Much Will You Spend on Perfect Bride?

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If we talk about mail order brides pricing, then you should understand what factors have a direct impact on the formation of pricing policy. Brides from different regions have different values ​​for a reason, all these differences are justified by geopolitical and internal economic factors. Nothing in the world happens just like that, and mail order bride cost to your wife is no exception.

The first inherent pricing factor is local legislation and, specifically, family law. While progressive countries in Europe continue to complicate already bureaucratic legislation, local laws in Latin America are incredibly simplified. At the same time, in China, the government is building a global firewall between China and the rest of the world, which greatly increases the Asian mail order brides cost.

The second pricing factor is logistics. Everything is banal and simple here, the closer the wife’s country is to the final destination, the lower the cost of mail order. And the last but not the least significant factor is the number of foreign girlfriend who want to immigrate to the States. The more foreign brides, the higher the supply, which is invariably in demand. All of these factors combine to determine the prices of mail order brides.

Mail Order Bride Pricing

How Much Do Mail Order Brides Cost

The answer to the question of ‘how much is a mail order wife’ has long worried many American men. Those who have studied the issue thoroughly have long understood that the price for mail order brides directly depends on the region and the mail order bride pricing associated with registration and transportation of the bride. Within the framework of this article, the reader is offered the most popular regions for ordering foreign mail order bride. As is often the case, girls from different countries have certain advantages and obvious disadvantages.


Many people call the cost of Asian brides the average cost of mail order brides. Brides from the Asian region do have an average price, which is mainly due to the nuances of local legislation. Nevertheless, many Americans prefer Asian beauty to European, and the character of oriental wives prefer the character of girls from Mexico and Brazil. Asian brides in the international market are of average popularity and average value, but women from this region have their own fierce fans.


Many Americans are often interested in the question of how much does a Russian mail order bride cost. These gentlemen forget that although Russian wives are the most popular girls from Eastern Europe, there are also girls from Ukraine and Belarus. Many people love Ukrainian and Belarusian wives for the fact that they repeat the qualities and personal characteristics of Russian mail order brides, however, at the same time, they belong to the category of cheap mail order brides.


Latin women greatly outperform Russian mail order bride prices. Local wives are not only smart and breathtakingly beautiful, but they also have extremely favorable Mexican mail order brides prices. In addition, it is the countries of Latin America that are the perfect combination of all three factors – there are many wives from this region, local legislation is extremely simplified, and logistics and transport average cost of mail are minimal.


Scandinavian mail order brides are as unavailable as possible. First, there are very few active wives from this region because very few local women seriously consider immigration to the United States. Secondly, the logistics and legislation of Scandinavia are so unfriendly that local or Asian girl are considered one of the rarest and most expensive in the world. Some men think that it is Scandinavian women who are worth it. However, you will be unpleasantly surprised if you try to compare prices for Scandinavian ladies with Filipino mail order brides cost.


As an alternative option, there are always girls from Europe. Europe is not only the cradle of civilization but also the birthplace of diverse, young, and excellent wives. In Europe, you can find options for all tastes – from cold and arrogant British beauties to sultry and passionate Portuguese ladies. However, you must understand that Europe is not an advantageous place, neither in terms of local legislation nor logistics. A foreign woman from Europe will cost you between ten and twenty-five thousand dollars.

Foreign Mail Order Wives Benefits

Men surveyed unanimously highlight the key benefits of mail order bride in marriage. They talk about how they can’t even imagine something like that with American women. Analysts agree that the key positive feature in comparison with American girls is precisely the conservatism of foreign wives. Nevertheless, men who decide to look for a wife on the Internet insist on other positive features.

Taking Care of Children

Very often, a man wants his wife to be not only beautiful but also caring. He wants to have a person next to him who will treat him not evenly but with attention and care. In this regard, he turns his attention to those mail order brides who are ready to take care of him and his children. And this is quite logical because a man wants to have a person next to him who will take care of him and monitor his health. Many men, choosing a girl as a wife, tend to think about comfort. They are sure that comfort in the house is what a girl should focus on when choosing a candidate for a spouse.


Some men are sure that beauty is something that can be appreciated only after long-term online communication with a girl. However, they forget how important it is to have intelligence and intelligence. In this regard, they want to see a girl next to them who will be smart and educated. This is the kind of girl they consider worthy of themselves.


Beauty is something that only a person who already has a good taste and a sense of style can appreciate. In this regard, most men turn their attention to those mail order bride whose appearance they like. Thus, a man, choosing a woman who is worthy of him, pays attention not only to her inner world but also to the outer one. However, the man does not intend to dwell on this criterion. He turns his attention to how beautiful the girl is, as well as to what her manners and how mail order bride behaves. If the wife does not know how to behave or does not monitor her appearance, then it is unlikely that she will be able to conquer the man.

Foreign Mail Order Wives Benefits

Conclusion: Best Mail Order Bride Pricing

When ordering a wife online dating agencies, you should understand that the numerous advantages of this method come with certain risks and average cost. Potential mail order wife cost directly depend on the region of origin of the girl. If a woman from Mexico can be ordered for an amount of five to ten thousand dollars, then girls from Japan or Scandinavia will cost an order of magnitude more. Mail-order brides are a great choice for those who are tired of serious relationship and want to try something new. Men who have already gone through this path unanimously affirm that a meeting with a foreign wife changed their lives forever.


Is it Legal to Mail Order a Bride?

If you decide to meet foreign ladies, then you can rest assured that it is completely legal. You can buy foreign singles onlinedating at dating site, get to know them, start chatting and make the first date in real life dates. Most likely, your order will very soon develop into a full-fledged harmonious relationship and, if you are lucky, then perhaps you will eventually even learn the real meaning of the word “love”. You can completely legally marry young and beautiful females from third-world countries, and the agency’s managers and specialists will settle all the legal details for you. Young wives are looking for spouses from the United States, while American gentlemen are looking for young and charming wives.

Where Are the Cheapest Mail Order Bride From?

When it comes to Latin mail order bride price, it is always necessary to clearly understand the factors that are responsible for the pricing. The first factor is logistics. The closer the bride’s country is to the United States border, the lower the shipping mail order brides price. The second factor is local legislation. The simpler the legislation and the less strictly regulated immigration, the lower the legal male order bride cost. The third and final factor that is responsible for mail order brides cost is the number of girls from a particular region who want to become international wives. According to the combination of qualities, girls from Mexico are considered the most profitable mail order bride.

What Percentage of Mail Order Marriages End in Divorce?

The United States is now experiencing a rather difficult demographic situation, which is associated with the statistics of divorces and marriages. According to statistics and numerous scientific studies on this topic, mail-order marriages are one and a half times more successful than regular marriages. After a thorough study of the issue, it becomes obvious that the current mail order bride price on the market are fully justified and are a guarantee of your happy and serene family life in the future.

Is It Cheaper to Be Singled Than Married?

Being single is always cheaper than being married. This is absolute truth and is completely independent of the current mail order brides pricing and your expenses for ordering an overseas foreign bride. A family is an expense and an abyss of social responsibility. But, at the same time, it is the family that fills life with meaning and gives meaning to the daily routine. Man is by nature a social being, and people quite consciously go to increase their daily expenses to find happiness.

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